We at constantly work towards keeping the photobooks as economical and competitively priced as possible.

The pricing depends on:

Number of photos

Number of horizontal or vertically oriented images

Number of favorites chosen, since these photos will be one per page

Size of the photobook
5x8 inches or 8x12 inches

Approximate Price Chart

No.of Images Handy 5X8 inches
(Approximate Price)
No.of Images Compact 8X12 inches
(Approximate Price)
20-30 910/- 40-45 1200/-
Upto 45 1200/- Upto 55 1400/-
Upto 65 1400/- Upto 65 1600/-
Upto 80 1700/- Upto 80 1800/-
Upto 100 1900/- Upto 100 2000/-


  • We offer albums of two sizes
    1. Handy: Minimum images required are 20 and maximum is 100.
    2. Compact: Minimum images required are 40 and maximum is 300.
  • Prices displayed are approximate charges, assuming 5% images are chosen as favourites.
  • Favourite images occupy more space, hence the number of pages increase and also the price.
  • Images are either horizontal or vertical in nature. Depending on the orientation of images, the number of pages will differ and also the price.
  • To know the exact charges, please visit here and preview your images.

Shipping is absolutely free. Please upload the photos and get your pricing displayed instantly before confirming the order.

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